Tassia Christian volunteer youths

To save a young soul from the anguish of poverty

About Us

Our Mission

T.C.V.Y’s mission  is to enhance the quality of life for youths through excellence in formal education and creating employment opportunities.

Our Vision

T.C.V.Y’s vision is to be recognized as a formidable organization transforming lives of youths, through job creation and a leader in formal education.


  • Job creation- By employing marginalized youths who earn a living through these projects.

  • Eradicate poverty by initializing income generating projects.

  • Eliminate criminal activities: Unemployed youths pose venerable to crimes, thus by indulging these to our income generating projects we divert this course to a certain extend.

Executive Summary

The increase of unemployment among the growing number of youths graduating from learning institution in Kenya has resulted and contributed significantly to poverty. Subsequently, this has in effect led to the increase of criminal activities due to depression, desperation, idleness and other factors. There is a dire need to create employment opportunities to eradicate poverty and eliminate these crimes. We seek to enlighten our youths to be self-reliant and engage in income  generating projects, as an alternative to the limited employment opportunities available in both public and private sectors.

How we Work

T.C.V.Y has grown to be innovative group that connects youths living in poverty, to a dignified work via the internet. Our outsourcing team receives digital work from local and international companies and divide it into small tasks or micro work, that can be completed by youths with basic English skills and a few weeks of training at our computer cyber cafe in Nairobi-Kenya. Our clients  includes, individuals, data companies and public institutions.

This work enables youths living in poverty to earn a living wage in the formal sector, build confidence, gain skill in the new economy and inject a much needed capital into their communities. T.C.V.Y believes that expanding access to formal work is the only way to incorporate million of marginalized youths into global economy and alleviate poverty at scale.


Tassia Christian Voluntary youths has the ability and capacity to carry out intensive training in Tassia community because it has a known network,of Christian youths  who  are  engaged  in  voluntary  works,eg tree  planting,general cleaning of  the environment.These has contributed to a mutual good  will from  the  public since the year 2009. In the entire constituency, it is unique in that it’s a mixture of so many cosmopolitan tribes.The organization has partnered with church and development partners to eradicate poverty through introducing income generating projects like garbage collection and information technology services.

The organization maintains basic financial records like the cashbook, payment vouchers, ledger books and other necessary financial records. All the monies are managed from the main organizations bank account. All withdrawals from the account have to be sanctioned by the organization board subject to withdrawal limits.


The organization enjoys good will from the community due to its presence and existence in times of need and deed. It is from this perspective therefore that we always conduct religious  seminars, meetings  and civic education   in a dignified and respectful manner to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Our Profile

T.C.V.Y was  registered by the government of Kenya on December 17th 2010, under registration no. 13845/CBO/K/2010 as a Community Based Organization (CBO). The organization was founded after a group of unemployed youths met during inter-churches choir competition function. Together they initiated garbage collection services in the neighborhood. These services were offered at a levy which accumulated to fund the opening of a computer cyber cafe. The organization was initially formed by 23 youths, but that number has eventually increased to 177, who we focus to provide a life-changing work and it is just the beginning.